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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gluten Free Product Lists

I've gotten quite a few questions lately about basic products and whether or not they are gluten free.  So I decided to make a list of links to basic grocery store items and big name brands with their gluten free listings for easy reference.  Hopefully this will help when you yourself are out grocery shopping or if you are preparing gluten free meals for a GF guest!!  Always feel free to leave questions in the comments or email me!!  Warning: This post is information overload - so prepare yourself now, and bookmark this for future reference. 

ONE: HyVee is a very gluten free friendly grocery store - I really don't grocery shop at any other major store so I'm not sure if others are - but each HyVee has a GF shopping guide in the Health Mart (it's a binder that you can carry around while shopping).  Here is the link to the Gluten Free product listing for HyVee:

*When you open the above link, please scroll down - you don't need to click the link again that it gives you.

TWO: Here is the list to the entire Trader Joe's Gluten Free listing of products:

**As of Today May 8, 2013 - General Mills: which houses both Betty Crocker and Pillsbury - has deleted their product listing pages and their GlutenFreely online website.  I believe (my personal opinion) they are in transition for a new website and could in the future launch a new site.  From personal experience I do know all of their products are labeled  Gluten Free (if they are).  General Mills in one of the largest food companies in America and is leading the gluten free market and labeling efforts.  

THREE: Campbell's soup company's gluten free listing

FOUR: Frito-Lay Gluten Free listing:

Also please note that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates all processed/packaged foods and the USDA (the US Department of Agriculture) regulates all meat and dairy foods.  They both have different food labeling guidelines when it comes to allergens.  Specifically they are both in the process of new legislation to update these guidelines.  Neither has been officially changed since 2006.  Below are the links to both websites and their current labeling guidelines for food based products.



I hope that helps just a little bit... honestly when you're at the grocery store, don't be afraid to just start asking questions - that's what the employees are there for, but if for one second - the person seems to hesitate or doesn't seem knowledgeable, go find someone else or a manager.  Also google, google, google - there are some awesome online resource - free resources - you should never have to pay for information (remember that!).  If you're still questioning a product - call the phone number, call the company - see if they can give you a full ingredient list, if not, just don't eat it - you can live with out.

Over the years, I've gotten pretty good at the whole gluten free research thing, from websites, to blogs, to way too many gluten free books, always feel free to email me, leave a comment, facebook, tweet, (wow we sure are connected these days!) of if you know me - just call - I love being a resource.

This just in...
Pillsbury just announced their gluten free product line.... I know I told you about the tweets the doughboy and I had been exchanging... well the day is finally here!!  

Happy Happy Wednesday :)

Always, J ♥

*longest post ever right??  :)