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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trader Joe's gluten free Pancakes

I saw these at Trader Joe's awhile back and thought I had better give them a try - because I'm a huge pancake lover and it's one thing I'm not very proficient at making from scratch :)

They are located in the frozen aisle next to the Gluten Free waffles. 

They taste wonderful - super soft and buttery all by themselves... their texture was my favorite part.  The flavor was perfect - exactly what you want in a pancake!  On the directions it said you could make them in the microwave (which I don't have) or in the toaster - which I struggled with.  In the toaster, they were a bit small for the slots and coming from the frozen state it took two tries to get them warm - also since there was three of them it took forever to get all three of them cooked.  Anyways once I had all of them warmed up - they were delicious none the less!!  If I had a microwave, they whole experience would have went smoother.  This did not deter me from eventually eating the whole box!  

But I probably wouldn't buy them again.  So if you have a microwave - you should definitely try these!!

So yummy!!!


Always, J ♥