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Saturday, May 4, 2013

::week one::

I'm going to stick with the positive things I accomplished this week in relation to my fitness plan instead of focusing on the absolutely ridiculous weather we've been experiencing here in Nebraska and how I let it derail my plans more than a couple days this week :)

So on to the good stuff! 

I focused on baby steps this week, mostly just being physically active - not necessarily running specifically.  I went biking a couple days, a new activity for me and holy shit am I sore in places I was never expecting.  Yes, sitting down places... I'm hoping my body does what ever it needs to deal with it - I like biking!  It will be a nice compliment to my running plan and it's also a nice change of pace.  I found it to be an enjoyable solitary activity, I felt because I was moving faster, the scenery was changing quicker, I wasn't as focused on the loneliness of it and really savored the time and the miles.  I biked Sunday and Monday this week.

Sunday, I broke down and paid the steep drop in rate at One Tree so I could go to Bikram yoga.  I usually try and get to the community class on Saturdays, which will be my plan going forward but I didn't make it this week and I really wanted to get it in.  I'm a huge fan of yoga.  I've been working on my personal practice since I moved to Omaha and really got into it about three and a half years ago.  My normal studio is with Mandy at Sound Method Yoga (the absolute BEST in Omaha) and I also do my own personal practice at home.... anyway One Tree is the only place in town with Birkam so I feel cheating on my studio is allowed.  If you've never tried Bikram, you really should.  You will detox, cleanse, reset, refresh, you just might see yoda... it's an enlightening experience.  I really love it and enjoy it as part of my fitness experience.  It reminds me that my body does work, it does sweat, and that as someone who doesn't like anything much over 68 degrees - that I can survive 90 minutes at 110 degrees with my head between my legs.  It makes me feel alive.

Last week I was sort of complaining, sort of psyching myself up to running alone, and sort of setting myself up to fail (because after 26 years - I know myself pretty damn well).... well I ended up with three, yes three new fitness buddies!!  One is all excited to potentially train for a half marathon in the fall, another is just wanting to become a runner, and another is a dear friend who wants to be more fit!  Yay!!!  I'm excited to coordinate schedules so we can all meet each other and be able to start fitnessing together :)