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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I absolutely must commend Wheatfield's for their dedication to providing gluten free options!  They are an absolute treasure trove of GF deliciousness.  If you haven't been there - please please go now!!

I've been dining at Wheatfield's for years, and their gluten free selections just keep growing.  I always liked it because they have a huge breakfast menu and 1) it's my favorite meal of the day and 2) it's the easiest to eat gluten free with little hassle.  But they've gone out of their way to include gluten free pastries and even cake, yes CAKE - the very best cake! 

*These are new lunch items. Individual GF quiche.  I haven't tried them yet, but they are definitely on my list - hopefully soon!!

*Gluten Free strawberry wedding cake and GF chocolate moose cake

*These are my favorite - GF caramel nut rolls... My Oh My!! 

I would not lie to you - best cake I've ever had in my entire life.  1) I really hate frosting, and this was freakin AMAZING.  2) the strawberry flavor is wonderfully understated but true strawberry, nothing artificial here.  3) Moist, really blow-your-mind moist.  I will never eat any other cake again.  Honestly. 

Best. Zebra. Brownie. Ever.  Actually I don't know if you could call this a brownie - it was more like cheesecake brownie fudge.  This was better than anything non-GF that I can even vaguely remember.  They do gluten free and they do gluten free better than any company out there - and this is just a hobby for Wheatfields.  

They usually have the most gluten free item selection on the weekends...other wise you can certainly call ahead and place order / requests.  I've had fairly good luck just showing up and having some options.  But if you're going in for something specific - you might want to call.  

Here's the things that I've tried and give my 110% approval:
Caramel Rolls (and with nuts)
Cinnamon Rolls 
Zebra Brownies
Chocolate Moose Cake
**Strawberry Wedding Cake**THE BEST

*they may have other items that I have missed or just haven't tried.  I've also heard rumors other items are in the works.  I'll keep you updated as I find out more.  

Seriously, you MUST try Wheatfields, gluten free or not - This is one of the BEST restaurants in Omaha for any meal of the day.  The staff is great, the atmosphere is friendly and homey.

I give it my highest recommendations.  

*this is for the Wheatfields in Regency - I do not particularly like the downtown location, their selection is different, they do NOT have gluten free options, and their staff is NOT educated on Gluten Free needs.



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