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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Benefits of Kefir

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm a huge kefir fan.  This is one superfood I worth keeping in the fridge if you suffer from uhhh... stomach ailments.

Kefir has been around for years, some articles claiming 2000 years even - but it's become mainstream in the last two years or so and can be found at most general grocery stores!  It comes in a variety of flavors from plain to blueberry, strawberry, peach, and pomegranate. 

I'm mostly posting this because sometimes I struggle with stomach health and forget there are natural remedies out there to make myself feel better almost instantly.  This is something we should be drinking daily and which I do for awhile and then I get out of habit but when I'm sick - this is the best treatment!  Just a cup of this once or twice a day has me back to regular in no time at all.  

Kefir has pretty awesome accolades for being a fermented usually makes any list of super Oprah's here

And here is a list of kefir benefits by the Livestrong organization.

Kefir even has it's own national association which educates false claims about kefir and it's connection to dairy... read about it here

If you haven't tried Kefir and are able to tolerate dairy on even a nominal level - you should give kefir a chance to heal your stomach and balance your gut.  I'm tell you, this is liquid gold! 

*there is some information out there saying lactose intolerant and dairy intolerant individual can drink kefir but I have not researched this enough to offer a suggestion or point you to additional information, I've actually only found conflicting information on the subject.  Please consult with your doctor or nutritionist before sampling!


Always, J