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Friday, June 7, 2013


Happy Friday!!!

I'm linking up with Lauren...

This is all I have for you this week - a photo of my table top garden (half of it).  I was super sick with a summer cold from Sunday until today and was in bed every evening by 7ish!  So needless to say, I didn't get much accomplished this week.  

But, my garden is growing strong.  My plants were getting too big so half moved outside - tomato and pepper plants, one of the basil plants, the sage, and my asparagus fern.  Hopefully a couple more can head out to my deck soon - but it's been unseasonably cool here in the midwest lately. 

On the table I still have a basil / parsley (I think) combo plant, spearmint, lavender, tarragon, and a dill / chive combo plant - but the dill took over so there isn't much chives!! 

Most of these I started from seed and a couple were purchased as seedlings at the farmers market. 

Happy Friday!!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)