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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Goal Smash

I've been meaning to start this series for a couple months now.  A blogger friend of mine, Erika over at All Things E Blog has been doing something similar to this and it was very inspiring for me.  There's just something about putting your goals out there publicly that make you more accountable to them! 

So here are my goals for June! 

One:: Healthier snacking.  Now yes, I eat pretty healthy all the time due to being gluten free, but sometimes I really get carried away because I feel I "deserve" to eat something bad like a candy bar or an entire pack of gluten free cookies.  I'm going to make a conscious effort to improve my snacking habits, making sure I have snacks at work (so I don't eat out of the candy box), having multiple options available (to curb either a sweet or a salty craving), and watching my portion sizes (making sure "snack" doesn't become a full meal).  This should be a fairly manageable goal as long as I stay prepared.

Two:: Blog re-branding.  I've been working very hard behind the scenes to prepare for a new blog brand launch and hopefully it will be ready by the very end of June.  I'm really excited about the upcoming changes I have planned for my blog and the additional services I can provide.  June is my one year blog anniversary and looking back, I just can't believe how far it's come and how much I love it!  I'm beyond excited for this to become even more of a creative outlet for me!

Three:: More creative time.  I'm going to carve out specific space in my days for creative time, whether it's sewing, crafting, DYI projects, painting, or writing.  All these things use to be a major part of my life until things started to come up and get in the way, so now I'm going to refocus and make time!  Only good can come of this goal :)

I will follow up to this post towards the beginning of July, recap whether I successfully managed any of them and post new goals for July.

Always, J ♥