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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Medici Coffee & Bakery (Chicago)

We stopped along a street in Hyde Park on our way to the Science and Industry Museum to grab a bite to eat.  Christina and Stephen went for the pizza place at the end of the block but I headed straight towards Medici.  Now, I honestly hadn't done any research before hand - I just lucked out that they had gluten free offerings!  I went in expecting just to grab a good cup of coffee and maybe a banana but I decided to go ahead and ask if they had gluten free options - and they sure did!

I guess I was really pulled in my the look and feel of the coffee shop, such a beautiful neighborhood eatery, I couldn't resist.  It was cold and rainy weather most of my Chicago stay and especially this day so I was desperately needing a strong cup of coffee.  This maybe my top ten cups of coffee ever, I didn't note what blend they were using or really any other details about their coffee - but it was silky and rich, without even a hint of bitterness for such a dark brew.

And this sandwhich!!  So incredible, I of course went for a vegetarian option - the veggie sandwich.  It featured salsa cream cheese (why haven't I thought of this??), sprouts, tomato, cucumber, and red onion on Udi's gluten free bread.  They even toast the bread, which in my opinion takes sandwiches to a whole new level.  Yum.

The University of Chicago campus is situated in Hyde Park and we must have been somewhere close on 57th street.  The people watching was very artsy, hipster, university crowd - everyone was friendly, out enjoying the day.  The next time I head back to Chicago, I definitely want to spend some additional time in this neighborhood eating, wandering around, enjoying the beautiful architecture, and just doing some urban relaxing.

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Always, J ♥