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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Let's talk about spices. 

My best advice for buying spices is to find an Indian or Middle Eastern grocery store nearby and see what they have for spices.  That's been my trick over the last couple years.  Plus they have so much other wonderful products there and some of the best produce!

one:: they provide both whole spices if you want to grind your own and already ground spices.
two:: the spices come in bulk - i.e.: much larger amounts than the standard grocery store
three:: these are pure spices without risk of fillers (no gluten!!)
four:: you might find some spices you've never tried before
five:: the price is unbeatable... it's not even comparable to the standard grocery store. 

That's a lot of cumin!

I've never had any problem keeping the spices in these canning jars - you can get them at walmart the cheapest.  I just separate the spices into the jars, use a sharpie on the lid to identify them, and I'm good to go!

I also like sharing these around with friends and family because I just don't go through the spices that fast - they do keep quite awhile (at least two + years if in a cool dark place) but I would never go through three jars of cumin.  So they make lovely gifts.  Maybe a little ribbon and you're set! 

*See my 8 pounds of chickpeas in the background?... that's for my falafel project :)  Hopefully I'll have time this weekend!! 

Let me just drive home how reasonable these spices are priced.... I bought 8 pounds of chickpeas, a lifetime supply of cumin, turmeric, and coriander...all for about $17.  That's a good deal.  Then I spent another 8 dollars on the little jars.  Worth IT.

Always, J