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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chickpea & Quinoa Salad

You can make this the hard way or the easy way.  I, of course made this the most labor intensive salad I've ever eaten, but damn was it good!!  

*I used dry chickpeas that I had soaked for 25 hours, cooked for 30 minutes, then peeled the tiny shell off each pea.  This was a little time consuming.  Obviously you could just use canned chick peas (2) for this salad and save soooooooo  much time!  Just remember to rinse and drain completely if using canned.

Roast up a good amount of whatever vegetables you have on hand - I used one package of the Trader Joe's Veggie 8 Mix, plus a zucchini, and an orange bell pepper. Toss in olive oil, black pepper, cumin, and a touch of salt.  If you have fresh garlic - toss it in!  Also cut up 2-4 lemons (cut in half) and place in the roasting pan, just along the corners - set them lemons upright so the juice stays in them.  Roast the veggies at 400ish degrees until tender (20-30 minutes depending on which veggies and how they are cut).

Set your veggies aside to cool.  Take the roasted lemons and squeeze as much of the juice/pulp as possible into a jar using a tiny strainer.  

Cook up your quinoa according to package directions.  Now I made a ton of this salad so I could eat on it a couple lunch days.  I made the entire box - then set the quinoa in a bowl to cool.

Mix together the quinoa, roasted veggies, and chick peas into a large bowl.

To the mixture I added fresh parsley and basil - which I had diced finely. 

For the dressing:  Roasted lemon juice - more fresh lemon juice if you desire - lemon zest - olive oil (about equal parts) - cumin (to taste) - black pepper.  If in a jar, just shake it up or in a bowl - whisk together.  

Drizzle dressing over the salad and toss well.  Then taste it - does it need anything else?  

This kept so well in the fridge - I ate it for lunch about 6 days straight and never got tired of it!  It's super filling from the quinoa and chickpeas and kept me fueled all afternoon and into my evening workout!  Now that's a great salad!

To fast track the salad - 1) start the water for the quinoa. 2) cut up all veggies, oil and season.  3) veggies into oven and quinoa into boiling water.  4) have chickpeas ready in a bowl and gather everything for the dressing.  5) set veggies & quinoa aside to cool. 6) make the dressing.  7) assemble everything!

I hope you enjoy!

Always, J ♥