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Monday, July 22, 2013

Chop Chop

It was time to give up the delusion that I was ever going to have beautiful long flowing hair like all the contestants on the Bachelor (have you ever noticed there's no short haired girls???!) 

My hair is much to thin/fine to be long but I gave it a good run.  Plus having long hair became a crutch for me...long straight blunt cut - meant I never had to put much effort into it and I wore it up everyday anyways.

*I hope this is true :)

So I took the plunge and chopped off almost 10 inches.  I feel like a whole new person!!  Is it noticeable??  I would always get my hair trimmed and no one would notice :(   This is noticeable right!!

And I was actually surprised how easy it was to style this morning - and now I feel I look a bit more put together each day.  And who knows, maybe great things are just around the corner!!

PS - selfies suck.  I'm terrible at them.....someday I'll get the timer figured out on my DSLR

Always, J ♥