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Friday, July 19, 2013


I probably say this every week...I can't believe it's already Friday!!  This week has gone by expecially fast and for no good reason - I wan't even that busy :)

Linking up with Lauren today (always).

one::  I've really been loving smoothies this week!  I've tried so many different variations and have yet to come up with a bad one!! I'll have another smoothie post soon with all my recipes.

two:: I always get a lot of questions regarding which photo apps I use on iphone - here's my photography folder.  My favorite of course is Instagram (on my home page), pic stitch (I use this all the time), beautifulmess app, and magic hour.  The others I have are fairly complicated to use with iphone so at that point I usually just do hardcore editing in photoshop or picmonkey (which is awesome).  If you haven't used yet - definitely check it out!

three:: Came across this quote on pinterest yesterday and it seemed fitting because I'm chopping my hair off tomorrow - excited and nervous, I haven't had super short hair since high school!  Change is good right?!

four:: I was really struggling with meals this week...this is one of those edible failures I suppose.  It looks delicious but the Thai Peanut sauce was just too rich for me...on my own doing.  I used San-J thai peanut sauce but then added raw honey, siracha, and a bit more peanut butter.  It would have been better sans the extra pb.  Who knew, you can have too much of a good thing! 

five:: This looks weird, but it's my favorite thing at my new gym!!  I found it a couple weeks ago and damn does it ever stretch out the calves and hamstrings!  In my mind - if I just keep doing this everyday before and after spin class - I will be super flexible :)  I took photos to hopefully convince my dad to help build one so I can have it at home....perfect for runners.

My week was weird, crazy, long, but super fast....How was your week?!

Always, J ♥