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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Photography Preview

This is just a brief preview of a fashion photo shoot from a week or so ago...Corinne is my beautiful model even though my photography skills leave much to be desired.  

Photography is hard!! 

These are my three favorite photos so far... I never realized in the world of digital photography how many steps there are in this process... it's not simply take the film to be developed and you get what you get!  Now it's shoot shoot shoot until you have hundreds of photos, download them, sort them in Lightroom, touch up in Photoshop, and then finally to where you need them!

This is my first [serious] venture into DSLR photography and also using Lightroom / Photoshop extensively for portrait photography.  Also as I've mentioned before I'm closely studying food photography and have thankfully found a wealth of information on the internet.  

Full fashion post coming soon! 

If you have any critiques, criticism, or helpful photography tips/resource information - I would love to hear it!!  Please feel free to comment :)

Happy Thursday!

Always, J ♥