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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rant on food chemicals...

Maybe this isn't quite a rant but I came across two articles today that I want to bring to your attention! 

The following post is an excerpt and in reference to the follow articles:

Preface:  I watched the documentary: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix awhile back and became very enamored with Joe Cross and his story.  I also rushed out and bought a juicer the next day!  Although I don't juice daily, I do juice often and am a huge fan of the benefits.  His website is a fantastic wealth of information. 

Now as a celiac and gluten free lifer - I feel we have the benefit of eating healthier than the general public but this information is still important, mostly for awareness!  I pride myself on eating whole foods a good 90% of the time and trying my best to avoid processed foods in my attempt to eat naturally gluten free.  And I have to give props to the gluten free companies out there because most of them are gmo-free, use less preservatives, use natural preservatives, and limit the use of chemicals.  

However, here is a summary of the above articles - because this information is IMPORTANT!

10 Foods/Chemicals to AVOID and why:

(in no particular order)

1). Bisphenol-A (BPA):: a chemical in canned foods, particularly present in canned tomato products.  Linked to health concerns like reproductive problems, cancer risk, metabolic disorders like obesity, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, heart disease, and neurobehavioral effects like ADHD. 

2). Bromated Vegetable Oil (BVO):: a chemical that enhances the bright colors in bottled beverages such as soda, sports drinks, and citrus flavored drinks.  Linked to increasing cholesterol levels and can cause damage to vital organs including the liver and kidneys. 

3). Benzoate Preservatives (BHT, BHA, TBHQ):: chemicals used to help keep fats from going rancid in foods.  Linked to serious concerns like increasing cancer risk, disrupting estrogen balance, urticaria, asthma, and hyperactivity. 

4). Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA):: found in the paper and lining of microwave popcorn bags.  Linked to thyroid disease. 

5). Azodicarbonamide:: a bleaching agent used in packaged, processed foods like frozen dinners, pastas, and flour mixes.  Linked to cancer risk and asthma.

6). Sodium Nitrate (Processed Meats):: strong evidence suggests that eating processed meats is linked to an increased risk of bowel cancer and a suggested link with lung, stomach, prostate, and oesophageal cancer.  Processed meats include bacon, sausages, hot dogs, sandwich meats, packaged ham, pepperoni, and salami.

7). MSG:: an excitotoxin that tricks your tongue and brain into thinking you are consuming something flavorful and nutrient rich.  Problems can range from migraines, headaches, palpitations, sweating, numbness, chest pains, also longer term health problems including liver inflammation, reduced fertility, memory loss, loss of appetite and obesity. Also listed as: 620-625, 627, 631, 635, Autolyzed Yeast, Calcium Caseinate, Glutamate, Glutamic Acid, Hydrolyzed Protein, Monopotassium Glutamate, Monosodium Glutamate, Sodium Caseinate, Textured Protein, Yeast Extract. 

8). Trans-fats and Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils:: this enables the product to have a greater shelf life and helps support is shape and texture.  Hydrogenating is the process by which the oil is changed.  Health risks include an elevated risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, Alzheimer's Disease, cancer, liver dysfunction, infertility, mood and behavioral issues.

9). Artificial Sweeteners:: added to foods to reduce the sugar and calorie content while still containing a sweet taste.  Include aspartame, sucralose, neotame, acesulfame potassium, and saccharin.  These also include equal, nutrasweet and splenda.  Health concerns linked to migraines, insomnia, neurological disturbances, chances in mood and behavior, and an increase risk for cancer. 

10). Artificial color and other preservatives:: specifically synthetic colors 102, 104, 110, 112-124, 127, 129, 132, 133, 142, 143, 151, 155, 160b, 162, and 164, found in a large variety of foods and candies.  These greatly affect children causing an increased risk of cancer, hyperactivity and allergies. 

**Please read the articles in their entirety for additional information as these are just excerpts! 

As a gluten free eater I feel we are more immune to these chemicals if you eat naturally gluten free but it's still important to be aware of the risks and avoid them at all costs.  Also many of these chemicals are located in places I would have never expected - I'm not a soda drinker but I do drink gatorade which contains BVO.  I also use canned tomatoes - which is linked to BPA, but now armed with this information I can make steps to protect  myself and those I cook for... and they are easy steps such as making your own sports drinks and buying tomatoes in glass jars or canning your own!


Always J ♥