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Friday, August 2, 2013

August Update

So sometimes I get quite off track in my postings, I have great intentions for regular posts, a schedule of topics, weekly motivational posts.... well I've been slacking lately :) 

I'm going to roll this all into one post!!

August Update!

August, September, October are going to be crazy months for me personally with 2 major events coming up for organizations I work with: FoodBank for the Heartland and Kent Bellows Studio for Visual Arts.  I also have a couple trips planned for so much needed vacation!  It's going to be a great start to the fall season.  I'm also working on a couple independent projects that I'm really excited to share with you in the next couple weeks!  Good things are happening!  :)

The switch from solely iphone photography to DSLR photography has been quite a challenge, but a very enjoyable one!  I hope you like the improved photography on Lilybitdifferent!!  I still have a couple old posts with my trusty iphone photography but I'm really trying to rely more on my DSLR.

Training for the KC Half Marathon (10.19.2013) is actually going pretty well....not awesome or fantastic - but definitely well.  I'm a little off schedule but I'm trying to be more flexible and give myself a break sometimes because I am so busy - but I also know I need to focus on my training to avoid injury and be as prepared for the half as possible!

This topic is a huge struggle for me... honestly the days where I'm super sore I actually feel like going to the gym more but then I try on a pair of jeans which are super tight and I feel like I'm getting no where with all my hard work I tend to skip workouts out of sheer frustration.  Mentally I understand these things take time but I want to change my story - I want to make a physical difference in my body.  Unfortunately this takes daily dedication, and not much instant gratification which for me is difficult.  I'm all action and want instant response. I have to mentally focus on my short term goals and long term and remember the benefits of each to get my butt out of bed at 5am.  I want this down the road - so I have to do this now.  Do you have any tips for staying motivated? 

Goals for August:

1) Eat naturally gluten free as much as possible.  Sometimes I think using replacements ie: gluten free flour, cookies, whatever actually starts to do some damage to my system.  These products are deceiving because in my mind gluten free = healthy, but that's not always the case.  I need to work through that mental block!

2) I'm going to begin my slow process of going dairy-free.  I've never really given it a great effort so I'm going to slowly ease out as much dairy as possible.  My only real issue is cheese, which I love deeply.  I'm breaking up with cheese for the time being -- we just aren't good for each other.  It's not you cheese, it's me -- I need to focus on my health for awhile. I'm setting a firm goal of one month (august) to be dairy free - maybe it will be overwhelmingly beneficial and I'll stick to it, but I also know September and October are going to be crazy months with lots of travel and events - I need to cut myself a little slack.

3) Keep plugging away at my half marathon training schedule.  This has taken quite a concentrated effort and continued focus to stay on schedule.  I want to keep running a priority.

Always, J ♥