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Friday, August 9, 2013


I am super excited it's Friday!

I'm linking up with Lauren

In full disclosure - I'm actually showing a photo of my crazy small kitchen (which I love).  I finally got some of my artwork hung up on the walls - one beautiful painting by my friend Vera and two others that I inherited/snatched from my parents.  I like art in every room - it just makes me happy and why not in my favorite room, the kitchen!

Last Saturday evening, my dad and I actually pulled off a surprise party for my mom's birthday!  And damn she was certainly surprised - I felt bad for lying to her all week, but it was worth it!  Some of our favorite people joined us to celebrate and dine at our family's favorite restaurant - Billy's in Lincoln.  My mom's the one wearing the lei - and Ray got one also because his birthday is just a couple days before my mom's so we had lots to celebrate :)

I got the pleasure of helping my dad aka being a pack mule while he worked on a photo and video shoot.  I love watching my dad in action and seeing how visually designs raw footage to become a master work of art.  He take hobby to a new level when it comes to digital photography and video.  He is a huge inspiration to me when it comes to photography and editing - I still have so much to learn!!

So this happened.  My car battery was having some issues - but I was resuced by the wonderful maintenance staff at my apartment building.  Chris went above and beyond to help me get my car running again - it gave me faith that people are good and are willing to help!  So refreshing :)  He turning a terrible situation into a wonderful experience for me! So incredibly thankful!

Corinne and I ran into these clowns at the movie theatre... lol.  I just love this photo - Corinne is so wonderfully spontaneous and such a dear friend.  We saw the movie "The Heat" - I was literally crying because I was laughing so hard.... you know that point beyond laughing where you can't breathe and aren't even making any sound but tears are streaming down your face which is about to go into muscle spasms.... that's how funny it was.  I don't even know why - it just was.

And lastly - my favorite coffee shop, my home away from home, with free internet and bottomless cups... I love Aromas.  I seem to be more productive when I sit there to write and design.  At home I always think of other stuff to do....

How was your week?  

Always, J