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Monday, September 23, 2013


It's that time of year!  Although I made this applesauce quite a few weeks ago - I figured it was time to brush up on my apple skills.  

*these apples came in my CSA bag and they are called "cooking" apples - I was a little hesitant about the texture but they turned out perfect. 

*I should have used a bigger pot :) - I did switch later...

So this isn't really a recipe - I just felt my way along when I was making this... I'm sure there are legit applesauce recipes out there and you should probably consult them.  But here's how I did it ::

One:: wash up your apples - however many.
two:: dice them into medium sized pieces and into a cooking pot.  I chose not to peel them because I was looking for some chunk / texture.
three:: add the juice of two lemons and the zest to the diced apples - then add water to the pot until they're just covered.  
four:: bring to a boil.
five:: depending on your liquid level - you should be ready to go.  Just mash up the apples.  These apples were a little strange because they only cooked about 2-3 minutes and were completely soft and the skins actually turned really delicious.  Depending on how hard your apples are it might take longer. If you have excess water in your pot just let it boil longer or skim it off the top. 
six:: add your seasoning - sweeten it with some local raw honey, then for spice - cinnamon, cardamon, and a little vanilla.  You could really play around with the spices.

I ate some of my applesauce right away on oatmeal and the rest I froze to use later.

I also now have a ton of apples from the Applejack festival in Nebraska City so I'm thinking about more applesauce and apple dishes.  

Applesauce is incredibly versatile -
-add to oatmeal
-use as a topping on pancakes or waffles 
-pork loves apples, maybe as sauce on a tenderloin
-use in baked goods
-applesauce cake

I hope you try making some!!


Always, J