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Friday, September 20, 2013

Blogtember 09202013

Prompt:: react to the term - comfort

So yea, I'm getting in on this pretty late... I honestly had every intention of participating in this blog every day project because I love the May challenge so much - but well you've seen how my blogging in September has gone so far... (cough cough).  Anyways I figured I'd go out with a bang and at least get in on the last week of the project!  Better late than never right?! 


Comfort can mean so many things... I'm currently sitting in my favorite coffee shop, in an enormous chocolate colored leather chair that I'm deeply sunk into, warm and cozy, drinking a hot chai latte, wearing my favorite yellow fall sweater... oh and it's pouring rain outside.  I'm about as comfortable as I can possibly get at this exact moment in time. 

But I'm also feeling more comfortable than I have felt in weeks maybe months... mentally and emotionally... I'm feeling incredibly happy.  I'm feeling comfortable in my place in life - comfortable in my skin and comfortable in my future.  And it feels good.  

I'll be sharing more on this soon... when the time is right :)  But rest assured - the future is bright!!

Always, J