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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blogtember 09242013

prompt:: book review 

Books I've read in the past two-ish weeks::

The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro - This is the book I mentioned a week or so ago about the Isabella Gardner Museum heist, the fiction version.  It involves a completely fictional story laced into the true story of the heist - very little of this book is actually true and it sort of clouded my view of events because the book was so well written.  A very fast read because of the twists and turns of unexpected events and very well researched.  Honestly I would suggest reading the non-fiction version first.

The Gardner Heist by Ulrich Boser - This is the factual version of the heist and follows Boser's investigation into the crime through the interviews with the main art investigator.  When he dies in 2005 - Boser takes on the case and his files to continue meeting his contacts and following leads.  A great coverage of events from multiple perspectives however anti-climatic because this is still an unsolved case.  Also, which I should have paid attention to in the beginning - this book was published in 2010 so at this point, it's old news.  I haven't followed it much - but there might be more information out there in the last two-three years.  Another great art crime book is Priceless by Robert K Wittman - if this sort of thing interests you!

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott - I came across this book by accident.  I'm a sucker for marketing - I was at Barnes and Noble when I saw an end cap featuring "if you like this book - you'll like this one..."  Well... it said "if you like the Harry Potter series - you might like this..."  Honestly, I was thinking, absolutely not.  There is no way this is comparable.  But I of course bought it anyways because I've decided (based on nothing) that I need to read more fiction because it's good for my creative thought process.  The book is definitely good - it's no Harry Potter and I actually had a hard time believing anything in the book (but it's fiction right?!).  It's so strange that I can read HP over and over and over and take it 100% at face value as real magic - for some reason it's just believable for me and I love it.  This was just a little different although I did enjoy all the references to existing myths, lore, and legend and how they interwove actual historical events into the story.  I will probably read the rest of the series.  Stepping out of our comfort zone is good right?

The Race for Relevance by Coerver and Byers - Anyone who serves on a board, is part of a non-profit, an association member, does membership development, or participates in a community organization should read this book.  It covers strategies and analysis for why associations are losing members and how positive changes to the model can save membership.  It's mostly written from a professional association perspective but is applicable across all organizations involving a membership basis.

What I'm reading today::

Twelve Patients (Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital) by Eric Manheimer - This is quite the page turner!  It's from the perspective of Dr. Eric Manheimer who served as the director of medicine for Bellevue Hospital in New York City for more than a decade.  He relays stories of a number of patients and even his own personal story of being a patient in his own hospital.  He interweaves socio-economic concepts of poverty, immigration, obesity, and healthcare costs with each story beautifully describing the diversity of the american population and the challenges we face.  I got through about half this book yesterday and should be finishing it up today!  It's really great.

On my to-read list::

Plus I'm hoping to pick up some good ideas from the other blog posts today because I'm heading out on vacation Saturday and will definitely need some reading material!! 

What are you reading??

Always, J