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Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday

And another Friday is upon us!  Yay!! 

And thankfully cooler weather here in Nebraska :)

Linking up with Lauren!

Since I missed last week - I threw in a couple extra photos :)

one:: I spent a wonderful Labor Day with my friends Vera and Ben at Woodcliff lake - could it be any more beautiful?!  We actually had really lovely weather, wonderful food, and great company.  Absolutely relaxing - aside from the massive sunburn Vera got :(

two:: Here's a couple of the books I've read in the last two weeks - I highly recommend all of them.  The Art Forger is about the Isabella Gardner Museum heist and there's actually another book about the same subject that's non-fiction, I'm trying to track it down now.  Normally I would prefer not to read fiction but I started this book accidentally for lack of reading material and was immediately hooked.  The two others are obviously fiction - but I make an excuse for my favorite authors and these are two of the best and it's been quite a while since either of them have had new books.  Hosseini is a beautiful and heart wrenching author - his character development is mind blowing and you will be in tears within the first couple chapters.  I will always be a Dan Brown fan no matter what - I love the books, the movies are completely separate.  Books are always better than movies. (period!).  I tend to devour books quickly and average two to three books a week if not more and am always looking for more... they are my passion aside from food :)

three:: Last Friday was Benson First Friday so a couple of us hit up the scene, first stopping for dinner at the Pizza Shoppe (where they have delicious gluten free pizza!), then stopping to see a friend and local artist Bart Vargas' lastest show at Petshop Gallery before heading for drinks.  Always great to catch up with friends, see the incredible local art scene, and take in the Omaha nightlife.  I live for first Fridays!!

four:: First Friday means the first Saturday of the month ---- i.e.: Bacon and Bourbon at Bench!!  This is such a fun gathering of friends and collaborators.  Ben whips up the best breakfast casserole I've ever eaten (sorry mom!!) and Vera handles the bacon cooking...all served with a selection of the best Iowa whiskeys... can't beat that right?!!  

five:: After Bacon and Bourbon - Vera and I usually head to the Farmer's Market for a little shopping, chatting, and meandering.  I'm loving the fall veggies that are starting to emerge.  This was the first week I've seen squash and pumpkins!!  Yay - I'm much more of a fall person, in fact I'll admit I really hate summer.  So I'm ready - bring on October!!

six:: Saturday was ridiculously busy...Bacon and Bourbon, Farmers Market, then I headed to Lincoln for the Husker game... GO BIG RED!  I was born and raised a husker and I will always be one.  There's nothing like sitting in Memorial Stadium with 93,000 Husker fans screaming their hearts out.  Can you feel it?!!  Oh did I mention it was about 95 degrees and 100% humidity?  Yea... it was a little exhausting, but husker fan are quite the troopers.  Nothing will stop us :)

seven:: I'm still trying (though not incredibly successfully) to be a knitter.  I feel like I've been working on this "scarf" forever... it might be done by christmas. 

eight:: Last night a couple friends came over so I made dinner of course!  I chose an indian theme since it's my favorite cuisine and I've been trying to master the flavors better.  I did a cumin roasted cauliflower with cilantro lime dipping sauce, clove and cinnamon spiced rice (sounds strange but it's really delicious to use them as savory spices), and samosas - which I might say tuned out beautifully!!  I'll have all these recipes posted next week plus a couple others.  

I do apologize for neglecting my blog lately - I really don't have any great excuse and I want to thank all of you who have stayed with me and continued to check my blog!  You all truly mean the world to me and great things are coming!  I promise :)  Plus I have a great pesto recipe to share with you!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  My mom and I are off to see Michael Buble tonight :) 

Always, Justine