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Monday, September 16, 2013

Salmon at Lisa's

I'm probably the happiest person that summer is finally wrapping up... however the only good thing about summer is evening cookouts with friends.  A couple weeks ago - I was invited over to my friend Lisa's for a beautiful salmon feast!

Lisa's husband Lonny grilled up the salmon on cedar planks - can't beat that flavor!!

There's nothing better than grilled pineapple - and shrimp is a perfect appetizer.

Ahh look at that spread!!

Cedar plank salmon, cucumber salad (that's what I brought to contribute), grilled pineapple and shrimp, and cilantro lime rice.  Perfect!! 

Also I brought chocolate covered bananas for dessert!  This was really a great dessert to bring because it travels so well :) 

If someone invited you over to dinner - don't be afraid to accept just because you're gluten free.  If they're a close friend obviously they will know your situation and understand so work with them for the menu.  Lisa was very considerate of my gluten free needs and we talked through what she was using for the salmon marinade and how to prepare the rice.  Also I always bring a dish or two to contribute when I'm invited somewhere especially if I'm asking them to make special considerations for me.  If these are new friends or acquaintances feel free to switch the situation around and invite them for dinner for the first time so you can control the food situation and have a chance to explain to them what it means to be gluten free - then it will be easier the next time they ask to hangout.  But always - if you are unsure of an ingredient or dish, it's safer to just not eat it. Don't be afraid to get in the kitchen and start asking questions - what did you use in that salad dressing?  Can I look at the ingredient list?  What brand of bbq sauce did you use?  What's all in this dip?  If you end up just eating carrots and celery all night - that's ok... treat yourself when you get home.

What's your favorite dish to take to a dinner party?


Always, J