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Friday, October 11, 2013

H54F + Life Lately

Happy Friday!! 

I'm linking up with Lauren!

So... you haven't heard from me in quite awhile.  I started my new job the second I got back from Washington DC and it has been a whirl wind!!  I'm beyond happy to announce I've found my new dream job, a job I absolutely love, where I feel I am making a difference, and I'm using my talents to the fullest.  I'm the Southeast Regional Director of Membership for the Nebraska Farm Bureau and I couldn't be happier.  I support 18 counties while working from my home and car - I've already managed about 1300 miles in my first week!  It feels so good to know I'm where I'm suppose to be. 

I know I've been full of excuses for not blogging but I've been leaving home about 7am each morning at the latest and coming home about 10pm - I'm just not in the best routine yet.  I am impressed with myself for making it to the gym twice this week!  I'm hoping to do better next week and figure out how I can keep blogging because I do love this blog.  I'll get there, I promise!!

umm.... this is literally the only photo on my phone since my DC trip... over 10 days ago!!  I've literally been too busy to even snap photos!  lol I'm so sorry for this dismal post today.

I'm super excited for this weekend - my mom, aunt, and a family friend of ours are coming up to Omaha to meet me and we're heading to dinner and to Book of Mormon!!!  I've heard so many awesome reviews about this musical - I can't wait!  

Also on Sunday we're celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday - and our whole family will be home - which is a special occasion in and of itself.  

It's going to be a great weekend!

How was your week?? How's your crazy life?  

Always, J