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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Pioneer Woman

She was in Omaha yesterday!!!!

I have never in my life stood in line for anything.  BUT this was worth every second :)

I've developed a pretty strong obsession with the Pioneer Woman over the last year or so as I've started blogging more and working on my photography - she is such an inspiration to me!!  And now I can say I've met her, yes met her.  We actually had a conversation about food blogging!  

I was heading towards Baker's (where the book signing was being hosted) honestly not knowing what to expect.  I was about an hour and a half early and was kind of expecting to be first in line and maybe having some time to waste…

I was quite wrong.  This is the line just a few minutes after I secured my spot!  And it got much much much longer…doubling back past us and across the entire store front!  

Of course there was quite a bit of chit chat in line, which was lovely, I met a couple people because obviously we had time…

This was such a great event because people were able to purchase books at the store and also bring in their own books… with no limit on the number you wanted signed (a lady in front of us a ways had an entire cart full).  Many times (depending on the store and author) you have to purchase the book there and are limited to one per person. 

It was worth the wait…

*standing in line - my mother and her friend Marsha

*She's sooo amazing!!!

I couldn't get enough of her.

She is just so incredible.  She actually took the time to have a conversation with each person and write a personal message in each book.  I was just completely starstruck.

Ree's gorgeous husband and her two boys had traveled with her and were floating around the crowd taking photographs and socializing!  How awesome?!  Her husband is even sexier in real life ;)

I'm still just hyped up from all the excitement… I think this was my first official celebrity encounter and it was the best!!  

*The line of people still waiting when we left. 

I yelled out "keep holding on - it's totally worth it!!"

I had two of my books signed and bought a third to give as a christmas gift… at least that's one christmas gift off my list!

Best.  Day.  Ever.

Oh and then I came home to this…

A sweet welcome gift from my new neighbors!  I always love tea towels… they must know I'm a foodie considering I moved with mostly kitchen stuff :)

All in all, yesterday was a pretty great day.