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Monday, September 22, 2014

Applejack Festival 2014

Well we made it to the Applejack Festival this weekend… which usually sees crowds of 80,000+ people so we always leave extra early to ensure our favorite parking spot.  However, this year, it poured rain most of Friday night and into Saturday morning and we drove right into a pretty good rainstorm in Nebraska City, complete with flooding streets!  This definitely slowed down the crowd this year… good for us through… a little rain didn't stop us! 

We were more than prepared for a little mud… lots of mud.  Our boots and umbrellas kept us fairly dry until the rain moved through mid-morning.

We always head to the store first to pick up all our apple products so we can drop them back off at the car without carrying them around all day… and we usually seem to buy a bunch!!  I picked up a bottle of apple wine for my Aunt Donna, my favorite black walnut syrup, some apple cider (which I used to make caramels - recipe will be posted this week!!), and some apple cider vinegar which I debated buying…but then one of the Arbor Farms employees explained that they aren't able to make that product every year and they were very excited to have it back after such a long hiatus… so I figured I really needed some if that was the case!

Once we were loaded down with all our wine and apple products… we headed out to pick apples!

It's always surprising, and I do this every year… I always think we should get a bigger bag than we did when we're walking out to the orchards.  In my mind, I never think we'll get very many apples or we just don't have enough.  I'm wrong every time.  We always always have plenty… and they're heavy to carry back!! 

I cooked apples all weekend… I had plenty!

We had such a great time - I'm already excited for next year!!

Here's some links for this post:

I'll have a couple apple recipes coming in the next few days/weeks with all the apples I picked at Arbor Day Farms.

and one last photo:

Wally, my little fruit!!

Happy Monday everyone :)