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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


In the summer of 2014, I took the plunge (figuratively, I have yet to end up in the lake) and joined the Omaha Rowing Association.  2014 and 2015 summer seasons I've rowed with the Adult Rec team, this summer - adult rec and masters.  

As a very un-athletic person by nature and coming off a pretty bad 2014 Lincoln Marathon, I was looking for a) a new hobby b) something I thought was going to build up my upper body strength and give my legs/knees a break and c) a new fun group of people.  

Well I learned pretty quickly rowing is not for the faint at heart, doesn't have much to do with your arms, and when you really like chatting with all your new rowing buddies - your form starts to go to hell.  I did find exactly what I was looking for - amazing people and a whole lot of fun (and sweat). 

Most nights we row in 4 or 8 boats with a coxswain. 

There's nothing better than having "Crew Rowing" as your hobby. 

Also "Boys in the Boat" might be one of the greatest sports books of all time.  I would give this book my highest recommendation - heart, soul, character development, incredible descriptive writing, direct history references, drama, and the quest for olympic gold.  Everything you could want in a book.  Plus it fully explains rowing in a way you could only capture from experience.